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• A little girl is born


A friend of mine got a daughter recently. Inspired by the birth announcement I made this paper/fabric creation. The size is A5 and I first clued all the pieces to the card and then sewed the tree branches. I was inspired by all the comments on my feedback request, one of the things I did […]

11 Comments June 18th, 2009

• Lost in the mail


Since I’m locked in the house, I have ordered books and fabrics via internet. One of the books I liked the most, it was filled with lovely embroidery and cross stitch patterns that I instantly wanted to try. I chose this heart with the bird for my best friend, because when I saw it I wanted to […]

5 Comments June 13th, 2009

• Packaging is everything


As a late birthday gift I got my own stamps from my sister. I was looking for a way how I could use them. I like the way how they look together stamped on the brown paper and tied by a scrap fabric piece.  Because the pimped skirt was a present, I wrapped it. I […]

1 Comment June 10th, 2009

• Pimp a little jeans skirt


I used an old jeans skirt for this, but you can also use an old pair of jeans trousers. Cut a piece from the skirt (or trousers) so that you can still use the front pockets. In my case I used two pieces of cotton fabric, but off course you can also use just one and add a […]

5 Comments June 6th, 2009

• A bit more mobile :-)


Wow, thanks everyone for the helpful feedback! First of all I’m going to buy a new black ink pad, with good ink so indeed the text will be better visible. Then I will also try some of the suggested color combinations, and I will show you the process here on my blog, I will share what I have learned. […]

2 Comments June 4th, 2009

• I could use some feedback


Sometimes I think that everyone is crafting around the world, because of that endless amount of inspiring blogs. But in my daily reality, that’s not the case…. No one in my neighborhood I know is crafting in any way, so when I am in desperate need of any feedback, I have no one to show my project and discuss… […]

8 Comments June 1st, 2009

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