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• My new summer dress


When I was at the Olmenhorst Pinsterfair last Sunday, I bought this happy new summer dress. I was actually looking for a red/white dotted dress, but when I tried this one, I fell in love. I kept it on after I bought it and could wear it the day after, but now we will have […]

3 Comments May 26th, 2010

• Inspiring blogs on Sunday


I know, it’s actually already Monday, but it feels like Sunday as we have a holiday here. Yesterday I went to the ‘Pinksterfair’ at the Olmenhorst in Lisserbroek. It was a few years ago I went there the last time, it was a bit more crowded now, but I loved it as much. There are […]

1 Comment May 24th, 2010

• Crochet edgings


I’m very honored that I have been asked to corporate with a craft book that will hit the stores coming fall. One of the things I have been asked for, is creating crocheted edgings for a quest and a larger towel. I have been trying out some versions that I found in my books and […]

4 Comments May 22nd, 2010

• I feel for summer

Outside-cooking picnik

I just returned from a two week trip trough Andalusia – Spain. It was the first time I visited¬†Spain, and I loved it! The weather was so nice, warm and sunny but not too hot. The people were so friendly, and most importantly maybe, the FOOD! People who know me for a longer time, will […]

5 Comments May 16th, 2010

• Snapshots of Alhambra – Granada


No inspiring blogs on Sunday this week, as I’m traveling trough Andalusia at the moment. Last week we visited the Alhambra in Granada, the pictures above are a few snapshots I have taken there. There is so much to see there, beautiful gardens, amazing mosaics and the blue sky with the Sierra Nevada with snow […]

2 Comments May 10th, 2010

• Inspiring blogs on Sunday


Today I share two crochet themed blogs. Both ladies use a light color scheme that I love very much. And I definitely need to make the round footstool cover from ‘Where your heart is‘, that would be so gorgeous in our house. ‘Where your heart is‘ is written by Kathrin, she is a big fan […]

5 Comments May 2nd, 2010