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• Inspiring blogs on Sunday

This year I re-discovered the nanaCompany blog. I love her designs and she uses a lot of my favorite Lecien fabrics. She inspires me for my own projects, and maybe you can find some inspiration for your work as well. Please enjoy looking around this lovely blog. Images from nanaCompany blog

3 Comments March 18th, 2012

• Inspiring blogs on Sunday

Lately I can’t keep my eyes off light colored Scandinavian blogs. I love the feeling they give me, and they inspire me to change the looks of my workroom. Today it’s sunny, and I’m longing for warmer days to wear my skirts and flip-flops and that life will feel just a little lighter. Today’s blog […]

1 Comment March 11th, 2012

• Envelope ‘art’

The present I made and wrapped with self-made wrapping paper, I have send by post to my friend. Of course the envelope got a special treatment as well :-) I used the Russian doll stamps designed by Eline. And printed a free paper pattern of Fifi Mandirac on sticker paper and cut the bunting from […]

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• Inspiring blogs on Sunday


Via the Petitevanou Tumblr, that I shared last week, I discovered this Norwegian blog of Lisbeth: ‘Lisbeth sin lille verden‘ I love the light pastel colors. It really make me feel spring is around the corner. Please hop over and enjoy the Norwegian lightness.

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