Eu Trade Agreements With Norway

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The EEA agreement does not apply to the EU`s Common Agricultural Policy, customs union, common trade policy, common foreign and security policy, justice and home affairs or monetary union. Yes, yes. EEA-EFTA states participate in many EU programmes and agencies. They are also members of the Schengen cooperation, which removes border controls between members. Norway also cooperates closely with the EU on foreign and security policy. Agriculture and fisheries are not covered by the EEA agreement. However, Article 19 of this directive underlines the parties` commitment to a gradual liberalisation of agricultural trade, which will be achieved through the conclusion of separate agreements on this basis. Norway`s application for EU membership has been frozen, but it has not been withdrawn. It could be resumed at any time, in accordance with a new desire for domestic policy, as was the case in the case of Malta. In 1962, Norway applied for membership of the European Economic Community (EEC), with the other EFTA members, Ireland, Denmark and the United Kingdom applying for membership the previous year. When France rejected the UNITED Kingdom`s request the following year, accession negotiations with Norway and other countries were also suspended due to strong economic ties between them. This was done again in 1967. [17] Investment agreementsThe main reason for the conclusion of investment agreements is to protect Norwegian investment abroad, particularly in countries where the political and economic situation is unstable, and to ensure that Norwegian companies can compete on an equal footing with companies in other countries.

It is also important that the agreements encourage investment in developing countries and thus contribute to the economic development of developing countries. Since February 2008, Norway has been a party to 14 bilateral investment agreements (Chile, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Madagascar, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Sri Lanka). In addition, the EFTA-Singapore Free Trade Agreement contains certain investment protection provisions. Norway has not concluded such an agreement since the mid-1990s, as such agreements also protect foreign investment in Norway, and there were uncertainties about the potential impact of new agreements in Norway. The government has set up a committee of secretaries of state to clarify freedom of action for the conclusion of investment agreements. The Committee examined the pros and cons of investment protection agreements. The Committee has developed a draft model agreement for future investment agreements. The proposed model agreement is now under public review. Follows the draft standard agreement and the letter to the public:Public Review – Covering Letter – If the meaning of this translation differs from the original Norwegian text, the original Norwegian text is a priority. Comments on the model of future investment agreements – Where the importance of this translation differs from the original Norwegian text, the original Norwegian text is required.

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