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Immediate housing? Contact housingassignments@ucsf.edu to see if there is a vacancy. Mission Bay Community Room Rental Tenants of Mission Bay apartments can book the Mission Bay Community Hall free of charge for personal use. To learn more about renting the room, click here. All tenants living at UCSF Housing are subject to a 5-year period. Terms are cumulative in a lifetime, regardless of university membership or lease. You are encouraged to be aware of this limit, as you are not being re-entered in the housing construction sector based on your lifespan. The filing of an online application is free and does not involve any obligation. The commitment is made after the signing of the housing contract (called “leasing” informally). Please read the details of this page before applying for accommodation. Many students, post-docs, residents, clinical fellows and certain faculties are eligible. Please check our eligibility requirements to see if you qualify. All housing contracts start on the first occupancy date and end on July 1.

If you wish to continue after July 1, you will sign a housing contract for an entire year, until July 1st. All tenants are limited to 5 years in campus apartments. Click here to see a selection of Dener`s lease. Priority 2: New applicants living with another adult who is either a documented UCSF residency partner (student, post-doc, resident, clinical collaborator, lecturer) -OR – New candidates with a third documented disabled adult, for whom the applicant is the principal responsible. Warning Candidates: We have a large inventory of the effectiveness of Tidelands and the Common Bay/Tidelands Mission Units. Applicants interested in these types of units will likely receive housing offers for summer moves. Applicants (or their families) who have a disability and need housing, including the accommodation of a service animal, must indicate these requests on their application and contact the appropriate office for persons with disabilities. Please visit our Housing Policy Accessibility page. Housing Services offers units based on your application preferences, so make sure you`re ready and ready to accept any of the types of properties you`re applying for. If you refuse a housing offer, you can request that your application remain active.

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