Ups Collective Agreement Canada

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Our collective agreement with UPS Canada expires on July 31, 2020. It will remain in effect under the terms of the Canadian Labour Code, although negotiations are not yet complete by then. “We are pleased to announce the end of the work stoppage,” said Glen Rice, President of UPS Canada. Rice apologized for any disruption the work stoppage could cause to customers, saying services would be immediately reinstated. For all shipments recovered on Wednesday, November 24, delivery guarantees have been reinstated. The Teamsters of Canada launched a work stoppage on November 22, saying contract negotiations have not progressed. At that time, UPS Canada assured that shipper packages would be delivered through the UPS Canada system, but ground deliveries to Canada and customer collections within Canada were suspended. The Independent Pilots Association said it would honour the Teamsters` pickets. “We firmly believe that this action is unjustified and can be avoided. UPS worked with the Teamsters Bargaining Committee and entered into a preliminary collective agreement on October 1 that made significant improvements to employees,” Rice said at the time. During the outage, UPS implemented contingency plans to continue the restricted operation.

UPS Canada said that all packages are delivered in the UPS Canada system. It has suspended customer collections in Canada and land deliveries in Canada (UPS standard in Canada). UPS Canada also suspended all delivery guarantees for shipments to and within Canada on November 22 and 23. UPS Worldwide Express and UPS Worldwide Expedited in Canada continued, but the company warned shippers to expect delays. UPS stated that the work situation was only for upS Canada operations. On October 1, UPS and the Teamsters agreed on an interim collective agreement. The agreement was then rejected last Thursday by the Canadian team, who decided instead to strike. This approach surprised UPS executives.

UPS Store employees are not unionized and are not covered by this agreement. LAVAL, That. – Teamsters Canada and UPS Canada have ratified a five-year collective agreement for front-line workers, including drivers. “UPS is open and ready to meet with union leaders and we`ve been involved from the beginning,” said UpS Wilson, noting the increase in holiday-related shipments. “We cannot speculate on how long it would take for an employment contract to be concluded. But we are very careful that an employment contract is terminated.¬†Approximately 3,800 United Parcel Service employees in Canada went on strike yesterday and rejected the shipper`s new tariff offers, according to Teamsters Canada. UPS announced that it would provide all parcels already in transit, but suspended all customer withdrawals in Canada as well as land deliveries to the country. The contract for Canadian employees expired on July 31. UPS has met with the union over the past five months, and Canadian Teamsters management entered into a handshake agreement about a month ago.

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