Academic Honesty Agreement

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The use of unauthorized grades or other study assistants during an examination; Use of unauthorized technology during a review poor retention of grades, course documents and study aids prohibited during an exam, so that they are accessible or visible; Consider the work of other students during an exam or task in which co-operation is not permitted; Try to communicate with other students for help during an exam or a task in which co-operation is not permitted; get a trial before administration Changing the graded work and submitting for re-evaluation; Give another person the opportunity to administer their work and submit it as their own person; submitting work done in a classroom at the University of Rochester or another school to borrow from another class without the teacher`s permission; submitting work done in a previous semester, without the permission of the lecturer, when the student resumes the course; obstructing or disrupting another student`s academic work any activity aimed at gaining an unfair advantage over other students. 2) When a lecturer is informed of an incident of alleged academic dishonesty, he or she must address the academic honesty. Course directors who have had the experience of submitting similar cases in the past may directly pursue the board`s educational or settlement process. Each registrant always has the option of contacting the Chairman of the Board at any time with questions or getting help to understand and respect our procedures. 1) All first offenders must complete a specific academic honesty tutorial. VIII. Case report of alleged academic dishonesty: General Guidelines XF or XE grades. Note: XF and XE notes are shown on the student`s transcript following a violation of the academic honesty policy. Class XE or XF is generally not used for a first offence unless the offence is serious or serious and there is an aggravating factor. Do not perform the work in accordance with academic honesty policies and expectations set by the course director. one. If a student`s inappropriate academic behaviour is considered minor and inexperienced, the caution procedure may be followed at the discretion of the lecturer.

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