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Please use our online form to accept the supplier contract. The online auditor issues a reference number (starting with the EC) for all tests conducted, including those that are not eligible. The child`s parent or guardian sends their legitimate reference number to their provider. In order to ensure that this contractual link is implemented for all end-users who have applied for resources independent of the supplier before a contractual link is required with the NCC RIPE, THE NCC RIPE will make reasonable efforts to contact these end-users, directly or indirectly through the final SUPPLIERS, to ensure that this contractual link is established. If the NCC RIPE is unable to contact the end user of the supplier`s independent resources within three months, the resources will default to the NCC RIPE and be made available to other end users for reassignment. It is the responsibility of the claimant in the early years to remind parents and caregivers to reaffirm their right. In the early years, providers can use the process dashboard on the provider portal to provide parents and caregivers with information on the start and end dates of eligibility. This document describes the contractual requirements for end-users of supplier-independent resources, assigned either directly by the NCC RIPE or via a local internet record in the RIPE NCC service domain. The vendor`s independent resources include stand-alone system numbers, vendor-independent IPv4 address assignments, arbitrary cast allocations, IXP-independent IPv6 address assignments, and all future independent vendor resource allocations to end-users. The policies described in this document apply to both the new supplier-independent numbering resources assigned by the NCC RIPE, all independent numbering resources previously allocated by THE NCC RIPE, or the local RIPE NCC internet registration of RIPE NCC. To continue to receive youth funding, all subsidized providers must read and accept the provider agreement each year.

The parental contract serves as a contract between the family and the early education and child care provider. For example, if a provider wants to register before May 1, the online form must be completed by March 31.

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