Alexion Corporate Integrity Agreement

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We are proud of the culture and leadership that has been established at Alexion, and we look forward to a bright future, based on our continued commitment to compliance and integration, while fulfilling our mission to change the lives of people with rare and devastating diseases. The government said jazz and Lundbeck have both entered into five-year corporate integrity agreements as part of the transaction agreements. The agreements will require companies to apply measures, controls and controls to promote independence from all patient support programs for which they donate, the government said. “These comparisons show the FBI`s commitment to protecting the Medicare program and ensuring that patients are treated solely on the basis of their medical needs,” R said. Bonavolonta, Special Agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Boston Field Division. Pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturers, in particular, have seen a significant increase in the total number of ASAs, including new and generally improved provisions, adapted to the scale of alleged (and, in some cases, admitted) misconduct. It remains to be seen whether some of these new provisions will become standard conditions in future ASAs or whether unique individual properties for associated colonies will remain. “These kickback programs are hurting Medicare and the public,” said Gregory E. Demske, chief justice of the inspector general.

“IGCO CIAs, like those with Jazz and Lundbeck, aim to reduce future risks to patients and tax-funded programs. OIG decided not to demand the CIA with Alexion because after the bad behavior, it made important and fundamental organizational changes. Among the changes were the hiring of a new eight-member management team and the change of half of the board members. In addition, 40 percent of Alexion`s employees are new and the company has moved its headquarters. Jazz and Lundbeck entered into five-year corporate investment agreements (CIAs) with OIG as part of their respective comparisons. ASAs require companies to implement measures, controls and controls to promote independence from the patient support programs for which they donate. In addition, the companies have agreed to set up risk assessment programs and obtain compliance certifications from the company`s management and board members. In 2019, HHS-OIG completed 37 new ASAs and IAs3, the number of ASAs in 2018. As of January 6, 2020, according to the HHS-OIG website, there were 234 CIAs open. Of the 39 agreements in 2019, two were amendments from a previous CIA, 21 were new AAs, 15 were AIs, and one was a compliance agreement from a public authority. .

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