Bcgeu Component 4 Collective Agreement

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The union is divided into a component structure based on occupational categories. Each component has geography-based institutions. This is the structure of the union`s components: most members of components 1, 5, 6, 12 and 20 of the BCGEU are covered by B.C`s public service retirement plan. This retirement plan currently has more than $23 billion in equity. Most members of the other components are covered by the municipal pension plan (MPP), the College Pension Plan (CPP) or its own targeted union retirement plan. [6] CUPE 116 | Collective Agreement Collective agreement Aquatic Centre Employees who work on the Point Grey campus as artisans, catering and hospitality, technicians/research assistants as well as in a large number of positions covered by Schedule A of the CUPE 116 agreement. CUPE 116 also represents Aquatic Centre staff under a separate collective agreement. “I want to reassure our members that the terms of the current collective agreements continue to apply to our members who are employed by private care providers, even if their employers choose to leave the HEABC,” adds Brenda Brown, Chair of BcGEU Component 4 – Health Services. “We will negotiate new agreements that will maintain and improve the rights we currently have.” “I want to reassure our members that the terms of the current collective agreements continue to apply.” – Darryl Walker, President of the BCGEU. “While these changes have an impact on how we negotiate with our members, who provide the public with a large number of important health services, we will continue to fight for rights through strong collective agreements for all healthcare professionals, whether or not their employers are part of the HEABC,” said Darryl Walker, President of the BCGEU.

Collective agreement (pdf) See also: Salary scales | BCGEU | WEBSITE Sun Life Brochure (pdf) | Advantages | Master Plug Extended Health Services The nature of public sector employment has changed in recent decades in British Columbia, the number of BCGEU members working directly for government has decreased, while the number of OCGEU members performing work entrusted by the provincial government or entrusted to the private sector has increased. The BCGEU is now the main union that organizes casino employees in the province and negotiates strong collective agreements. [7] HeABC is negotiating with the BCGEU and other unions for the creation of three major collective agreements in the health sector: the Local Sector Agreement, the Facilities Sub-Sector Agreement and the Health Sciences Agreement. . . .

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