Kata Kata Mutiara Di Film Wedding Agreement

September 25, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

In this film, I am interested in prayer. Because prayer is something that is impossible for us, because there is interference in God. Psht is very romantic in the world of Youtube. 1000 words wise romantic love fun complete. The movie Wedding Agreement shows the toy side of marriage. Not to immortalize the marriage, but there is an intention with some time to destroy the marriage itself. Here it looks like a message expressed in the page of a 90-minute movie. Having a wedding and a dream family is natural for a woman. In reality, not all dreams come true. But what needs to be understood is that a marriage is a sacred thing. It is not about the connection between people. Except the promise to God in a Kabul Ijab. A holy promise that may have shaken Arsy and that Haram Halal made because of the promise.

On what, isn`t it? Well, five lessons that can be learned from this wedding agreement movie will be discussed next. Yuk! A film full of news. I want to see it too. They married without love, but finally happy to the end of the world, typical Indonesian film yes. But if in real life too, certainly many Dong Ya who want bejodohin *eeh. Wedding Agreement is a family film according to the Roman Wedding Agreement by Mia Chuzaimiah or better known as Mia Chuz. The story of this novel was then raised by director Archie Hekagery for a feature film and produced by starvision. The film is presented easily, but full of moral messages about marriage that the author advances intelligently so as not to appear condescending. But it turns out that the flow flows and is pleasant to appreciate. Many alliances are easily taught, as well as the attitude or scene of the characters.

This film is not only full of romance, it is also full of religious values. Perfect for those who are married or married. More curious, isn`t it? Let`s watch the movie that will be released on August 8, 2019. Support Indonesian cinema! The movie Wedding Agreement cancels the genre of romantic drama with a slippage of Islamic values and plays Indah Permatasari, Refal Hady and Aghniny Haque….

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