Trust Company Agency Agreement

October 12, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized

An agency contract is a simple document in which you retain control and ownership of your property, and we are engaged as an agent for the accomplishment of certain tasks. In this more informal agreement, you enjoy the benefits of professional trust management, including specialized advice, while maintaining control. You choose the degree of commitment we have and determine the tasks we do. This type of agreement often involves a reduction in administrative costs compared to a trust. Managing a trust is not an easy task. It requires a large number of administrative tasks, including accurate records and reports, tracking investments, paying expenses and more. We know how difficult it can be to accomplish these tasks around your daily life. Some aspects of fiduciary management are fun, like signing birthday checks for grandchildren. Others — such as the tax figure — are not.

If you choose us as your management agent, stay in control of what you want. We will take care of the rest. The Seller`s data processing and transaction services that are responsible for the retention, storage, transfer, processing or any other management of trust or agency agreements or fiduciary or agency records are of the quality generally maintained by similar companies and are suitable for carrying out the Seller`s activities. If you keep Northwest Trustee & Management Services as an agent, we`ll take care of it and give you the freedom to continue with the things that amuse you. To the seller`s knowledge, all property held by the seller under a trust or agency agreement is in the possession or control of the seller or a representative of the seller. trust or agency records”) have been maintained in accordance with the seller`s usual practice, applicable law and applicable trust or agency agreement. The seller is authorized and qualified to act under any trust or agency agreement to which it is a party, and it is not prohibited by applicable law to fulfill its obligations and obligations arising from a trust or agency agreement. The seller has kept all trust or agency records that he must keep 14 • in accordance with applicable legislation or the applicable trust or agency agreement….

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