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I see you can apply on the UK Power Networks website, but do you think it would be better to use a Wayleave company? If you apply and decline an offer, can you contact a Wayleave company? The landowner has the right to claim all damages that reasonably result from the granting of the way map. In the case of development sites, complex arguments arise as to the correct qualification of this loss and the correct valuation date. It is therefore important that you hire a specialized lawyer with experience in the field to advise you on the right legal principles and the best arguments to ensure you maximize the compensation to be paid. In our experience, power companies often make ridiculous offers and are very reluctant to adequately compensate landowners for their true loss. To combat their approach and maximize the compensation due, you need to hire a specialized lawyer! If your roadmap is rejected, a new design and offer will be required – no work can be done on third-party properties until the roadmaps have been agreed. Some companies, like Western Power, describe their power lines on a map on their websites. You also have information about Western Power Wayleave and details about the policies and claims procedures for Western Power Wayleave compensation. It`s worth checking your local provider`s websites for something similar. For very low-value claims relating to individual residential properties, it is often enough to hire an appraiser to act on your behalf. In situations where you have a claim of higher value (e.B. with regard to a development site that has been destroyed by the presence of a power line), it is important to also seek the legal advice of a lawyer who has a lot of experience in handling claims under the Electricity Act and who can give sound advice on tactics, etc. A lawyer must also appoint an evaluator (and sometimes a planning consultant) to act as an expert witness. These independent witnesses work on a “time cost” basis, but their fees are usually claimed by the electricity company.

We believe that this approach is more transparent than a commission-based approach. .

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