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• My granny square blanket is steadily growing now


Current blanket About a year ago I started to crochet my own granny square blanket. I saw a picture on the internet of one with a lot of candy pink, and a strong feeling struck me that I wanted one of those for myself. So I started with buying a lot of Rowan cotton in […]

3 Comments July 8th, 2009

• Long time no see


It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Revalidation is taking a lot more time then I thought. I have to cycle on the hometrainer multiple times per day, I have to walk a lot and besides that I have my stretching exercises. But…. every week it’s going a little better, so that’s a […]

4 Comments July 5th, 2009

• Crochet inspiration


I admire the work of Anne-Claire Petit. She designs funny crocheted things in the most adorable colors. All items are a huge inspiration to me, and some of them I would love to own myself, for example the vase with flowers seigh….. Yesterday I was so lucky to find some anne-claire petit items on the ‘vrijmarkt’ in […]

3 Comments May 1st, 2009

• I did it, the crocheted hearts garland is finished


I’m so happy, yesterday I could put myself to finishing the crocheted hearts garland. I set myself in a chair in the sun on our balcony, and just started and kept going. The garland is now hanging above the entry door of my studio, that wasn’t a good place for photography because of the poor […]

10 Comments April 14th, 2009

• Crocheted hearts garland


I’m, almost there: the flowers are attached to the hearts, and the string is half way finished. Hopefully I can show you the completed garland this wednesday. I thought I could finish it today, but I found out that crocheting the string is more work than it looked like… I have already selected the next crochet […]

7 Comments March 22nd, 2009

• Felt cover for baby album


The grape hyacinths (blauwe druifjes) have finished blooming. I replaced the little blue flowers with this assortment of buttercups (ranonkels) I placed them beside my bed, and every time I open the bedroom door, a smile apears on my face. Today I also finished an order for a felt covered baby album. From time to time I get an […]

2 Comments March 18th, 2009

• Spring is in the air


Today I felt the energy to create again, jippee. I picked up an old WIP project, and it’s almost finished now. Two more bushes with flowers have to be attached, and then I will have my own piece of ‘art’ to brighten up my studio. I also started a new project, again inspired by Lucy […]

7 Comments March 11th, 2009

• Crochet inspiration


I find crocheting very relaxing, sometimes even like meditation when you just have to count and don’t have to do complicated stuff. And when I work on flowers or other small things, I love the instant result you get.  Today I crocheted this cover for a Bonne Maman jam jar, I even started with a […]

6 Comments March 6th, 2009



Pfew, I finished quite a lot projects last weekend and today. It was hard work, but I love the results. Only… I can’t show them yet, they are all presents, for a birthday, swap and a thank you. What I can show you, is the work in progress on my crocheted Amigurumi cottage. I found […]

3 Comments January 14th, 2009

• Crocheted baby beanie

Crocheted baby beanies

Today I finished the second version of a crocheted baby beanie. I started with the purple/old pink one, and wasn’t happy with the color scheme. Today I finished the lighter pink version and I’m still not sure if I like the colors….. I used Cashsoft yarn from RYC (Rowan) that I bought at ‘De Afstap‘ […]

3 Comments November 19th, 2008

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