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• Christmas cross stitch pattern – Stitch by stitch

Zo, nu Sinterklaas weer vertrokken is, kan ik eindelijk ongegeneerd aan kerst doen :-) Deze maand stuur ik een leuke kerstkaart mee bij elke bestelling in de webshop. Het ontwerp heb ik nu ook omgezet in twee kruissteek patronen, een grote en een kleine. Ik ben zelf mijn eerste nog aan het borduren, zodra deze […]

1 Comment December 7th, 2013

• The making of….. Stitch by stitch


I’m still living in a dream… is it really true that book with my name on it, is printed? It all started with a few ideas for craft books that I had send to a Dutch craft book publisher. They loved the ideas and wanted me to start working on the cross stitch and embroidery […]

10 Comments March 3rd, 2013

• DIY Happy holidays cross stitch deer

Image from Stina Ballerina blog Inspired by this post on last Sundays inspiring blog, I wanted to try if I could make a cross stitch version of this cute little bambi with party hat. Also to give myself a break from the stress of finishing my first book. The last week of November all projects […]

3 Comments October 10th, 2012

• One of my favorite… magazines

I started cross stitching when I was 12 years old, in the back of the car on our way to somewhere in France. I torned some magazine pages with small designs an happily stitched the whole way. I loved working on it and see the little strawberries and flowers appear, only they looked a bit […]

1 Comment July 6th, 2012

• Craft book review – Japon au point de croix


I have a passion for craft books, maybe even an addiction. When I’m traveling or visiting a city, I can’t rest before I have bought at least one craft book from the local bookstore. This book, ‘Japon au point de croix’ I bought in Paris last October. My eye caught it because of the style […]

15 Comments February 10th, 2010

• Greetings from Texel


Vacation is the perfect time for me for ‘slow’ crafting, like cross stitching and crocheting. Those babushka dolls are from the ‘Made in France’ cross stitch and embroidery book. In the book they used white embroidery fabric, but I wanted to try unbleached linen for a more ‘rough’ look. Those granny squares are a new […]

3 Comments September 12th, 2009

• Lost in the mail


Since I’m locked in the house, I have ordered books and fabrics via internet. One of the books I liked the most, it was filled with lovely embroidery and cross stitch patterns that I instantly wanted to try. I chose this heart with the bird for my best friend, because when I saw it I wanted to […]

5 Comments June 13th, 2009