Cata Agreement Gibraltar

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BUSINESS REGISTRATION People who wish to register for a business, trade or profession must complete the application form and send the documents by email to: or whatsApp at 54083153 or by phone: 20011055, 20011051 and 20011053. Unit 75-77 Harbours Walk, New Harbours,Gibraltar, GX11 1AATel: (350) 20011000Email: UNEMPLOYEDED REGISTRATIONAll anyone wishing to register for unemployment should contact the employment agencies by email at: or whatsApp at 54083189 or phone: 20011048, 20011046, 20011023, 20011030 and 20052662. Redundancy brings a catalogue of emotions, a whirlwind of communication and will undoubtedly increase your stress level. Before I give advice to maintain a balanced way of thinking also a positive for the news of dismissal here is some essential information: employer wising, to register a self-employed to send applications with all relevant documents to: per whatsApp on 54083180 or phone: 20011045 and 20060083. HEALTH – SAFETY INSPECTORATE All health and safety requests by telephone at 200111032, 200111034 and 20011031, or mobile phone numbers: 573670000, 57977000 and 56000293, by email to and All other requests can be addressed to management by email: or phone and whatsApp under the numbers 20060083 – 20048418 – 20011050 and mobile phone numbers: 54083175, 54083205 and 54083178. LABOUR INSPECTORATE All requests related to telephone inspection at 200 46259 , or mobile phone numbers: 58740000 and 57329000, by e-mail to: and “The registration of all the companies involved under CATA and the application of agreements / legislation in the sector are at the top of our agenda. All parties are very proactive and positive, and we firmly believe that with this joint working forum, all stakeholders, namely employers, Unite and the Ministry of Employment and Labour Inspectorate, will bring benefits to the industry.¬†Unite the Union announced a wage agreement through the Joint Council of the Construction Trades industry and related professions. REGISTRATION OF A WORKERThe employer wishing to hire a legitimate worker must submit the terms of engagement and all relevant documents to or via whatsApp at 54083175 or by telephone at 20046255, 20011093, 20011054 and 20011052.

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