Sample Information Technology Contract Agreement

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Contracts must be valid for an expressly specified period of time. Each contract must have a start and conclusion date. Having an indeterminate contract with no delivery elements and no completion date is not good business practice. Is there a clause in the MSA (Master Service Agreement) regarding non-request/non-competent 5.1 -data recovery and recovery? Conexant regularly makes archival copies of the information contained in the servers of the supported material, in accordance with the policies and procedures described in Appendix G. When Specialtysemi machine-readable files are lost, destroyed or damaged, Conexant attempts to recover an earlier version of the backup media files managed by Conexant. If Conexant is unable to retrieve specialtysemi files from backup media, Conexant will make economically appropriate efforts to perform such a restoration, which can reasonably be achieved with the source data readable by the Specialtysemi machine. Any operational or remnant effort, in addition to specialtysemi files that are lost, destroyed or affected by the actions or omissions of Specialtysemi or its staff or third-party partners, are executed as agreed by the parties as additional services. 1.9 “current level of performance” refers to Specialtysemi`s sites and the number of professionals involved; The number of access accounts Functionality Process metrics for measuring IT services; Number, type and access to platforms Systems Supported software; Supported material; and other restrictions on the scope of it-technical services provided by conexant on Specialtysemi sites from the effective date, as shown in Appendix B. For more information, visit the Office of the Attorney General`s Contract Drafting and Reviewing Manual. The notification procedure for correcting errors, defects or defects, including the method of notifying the seller, acceptable response time and the state`s remedy when the seller`s action does not resolve the problem or is not acceptable, must be described in the contract. (Example: Notification of application errors must be sent in writing to the project manager of the contract seller. The contract seller responds within 10 days with the recommended correction, at which time the contract seller and the state re-explore the proposed amendment for approval.) 6.2 Climbing. All issues related to the performance of IT services under this contract will first be brought to the attention of specialtysemi and Conexant affiliated service managers.

It is the responsibility of service managers to communicate these issues and develop a solution, and only issues that are dealt with in accordance with this procedure are addressed and reported.

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