About me

Hi, I’m Petra Hoeksema and born in the 70’s when all the current vintage prints and designs were modern. When I was only 4 years old I taught myself sewing on my little blue toy sewing machine, I designed and made a dress for my baby sister, that she actually wore (I guess only for 1 day, but that was enough for me to feel proud)

I was a big fan of craft books and magazines already in pre-school, and every week I indulged myself with new inspiration in the local library. I learned to crochet, cross stitch, sew clothes and many other crafts that I liked to try.

Years later, when I started my first job, I lost my crafting urge, only to come back a few years ago. I started my blog to get in contact with fellow crafters, as around me none would feel the same about creating something yourself with needle and thread. The ‘blogosphere’ opened a whole new world for me, and gave a boost to my creativity.

At this moment I have started my own business selling all sorts of creative materials, I contributed to craft books and magazines and now I’m working on my own craft book :-)

With my business and my blog I would like to inspire others to create themselves. I want to show hand crafted products don’t need to take a lot of time or be difficult to make, to be beautiful.

Enjoy, and share the fun,

xx Petra