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• One of my favorite… cookbooks

I love to bake: cakes, cupcakes, meringues, etc. If I think it will taste good, and it looks nice, I want to make it. A few years ago I got a KitchenAid mixer as a birthday present, and since then I love to bake even more :-) As I do for craft books, I’m also always […]

1 Comment July 27th, 2012

• My perfect cupcake recipe


Since the time me and my sister baked the perfect cupcakes in the galley of the Stad Amsterdam, I’m trying to replicate them in my own kitchen. What I need to accept after several tries, is that they will never rise like the ones in the galley with the perfect oven… that’s a pity but […]

8 Comments January 15th, 2011

• Decorated cupcakes


Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday and as a treat for her colleagues she wanted to make decorated cupcakes. She asked me to help, so I happily joined her. I made and applied the frosting, and was a supporter, she did the baking and decorating, the important things :-)

8 Comments November 6th, 2009

• Birthday cake

birthday cake

Last week my nephew Bram turned 4. As a starting tradition he always orders his birthday cake with me. And off-course I feel honored with such a request. This year the pre-condition was that it should be red, for a while now that’s his favorite color, I have no clue from whom he got that…. ;-) I was very pleased with the […]

1 Comment December 16th, 2008