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• New online craft magazine – Handmade Happy


Afgelopen december heeft Claire, van heart handmade UK, Merry Makings uitgebracht. Een online tijdschrift vol met zelfmaak en decoratie ideeën voor de winter maanden. Daarna zei ze dat ze dat noooooit meer zou doen, zoveel bloed zweet en tranen had het maken gekost. Maaaaaar, omdat er zoveel positieve reacties op gekomen zijn, heeft ze een […]

1 Comment May 16th, 2014

• One of my favorite… craft books

To say I love Japanese crochet books, is a bit of an understatement :-) The colors and patterns are all so different from the European books. And what they do great is, for all patterns they publish perfect diagrams, so you don’t have to understand Japanese to understand how to make the projects. I already […]

3 Comments July 20th, 2012

• Tomorrow ‘Eline’s Huis’ book launch


If you would like to meet Eline and all the other book contributors (including me), and like to see the book projects in real. Then come and visit us tomorrow in Lelystad, at the Yourzoap brocante shop, where all the book pictures were taken. From 13:00 till 17:00 you are welcome, and offcoure the book […]

2 Comments October 8th, 2010

• ‘Eline’s Huis’ is there!


I felt so proud and excited when I held the real book in my hands last Monday. This summer I have been working on my contribution to the Eline’s Huis book, and now to see it for real, in print,  it’s an indescribable feeling. If you would like to own your own copy, you can […]

7 Comments September 29th, 2010

• Craft book preview – Eline Pellinkhof


Pictures are from Eline Pellinkhof – Today I share a craft book preview with you. This craft book is very special to me, as I help Eline with a few projects for this book. I got to know Eline trough the Blogging Your Way e-course we both attended last winter. We met in person […]

2 Comments June 13th, 2010

• Craft book review – Pretty color crochet and knit goods – 2


This book I find just awesome… (could anyone let me know some other english words to describe something that you like so much you keep going trough the book and each time your heart skips again because you like it so much?) It are the colors that are used, the pictures, the simple crochet ideas […]

18 Comments April 28th, 2010

• Craft book review – Japon au point de croix


I have a passion for craft books, maybe even an addiction. When I’m traveling or visiting a city, I can’t rest before I have bought at least one craft book from the local bookstore. This book, ‘Japon au point de croix’ I bought in Paris last October. My eye caught it because of the style […]

15 Comments February 10th, 2010

• Lost in the mail


Since I’m locked in the house, I have ordered books and fabrics via internet. One of the books I liked the most, it was filled with lovely embroidery and cross stitch patterns that I instantly wanted to try. I chose this heart with the bird for my best friend, because when I saw it I wanted to […]

5 Comments June 13th, 2009