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• Villa Augustus


Last Saturday ChezChouke organised a bloggers meeting in Villa Augustus. A visit to Villa Augustus has been on my list of things ‘want to visit’ for quite some time now, and this was an ideal opportunity to finally make the drive to Dordrecht. It was fun and ‘gezellig’, so good to meet the bloggers I […]

6 Comments March 28th, 2011

• Colors of Marrakech


Last week I spent a holiday in Marrakech. The weather was great, it felt like an extra bit of summer. Most of the time I spent relaxing at the pool, I even did some embroidery what I’m only able to do in times of total relaxation and with plenty of time available. A few times […]

2 Comments October 29th, 2010

• Last Saturdays book signing was great!!


(Thanks to Helga and Frences I can show you some pictures) Last Saturday was the book signing of the ‘Eline’s Huis’ book with Eline and all the other ladies that worked on the book. It was so great to meet Eline’s fans and we also signed some books ourselves. Gepke did a great job welcoming […]

1 Comment October 12th, 2010

• My new summer dress


When I was at the Olmenhorst Pinsterfair last Sunday, I bought this happy new summer dress. I was actually looking for a red/white dotted dress, but when I tried this one, I fell in love. I kept it on after I bought it and could wear it the day after, but now we will have […]

3 Comments May 26th, 2010

• Retail therapy


These shops above are two of my favorite shops on Texel: ‘t Lant van Texsel and De Witte Engel. ‘t Lant van Texsel is full of lovely stuff for inspiration and just to have… they sell Rice, Anne-Claire Petit and lots of other stuff in my favorite colours. De Witte Engel is a shop full […]

3 Comments September 15th, 2009

• Basil 2010 catalogue


Yesterday I found an unexpected treasure at the bike shop, the Basil 2010 catalogue. I already own a very lovely shopper that I can hang on the back of my bike, so I knew the brand. But when my eye fell on this booklet in the rack, and I opened it up, my heart made […]

2 Comments September 14th, 2009

• Crochet inspiration


I admire the work of Anne-Claire Petit. She designs funny crocheted things in the most adorable colors. All items are a huge inspiration to me, and some of them I would love to own myself, for example the vase with flowers seigh….. Yesterday I was so lucky to find some anne-claire petit items on the ‘vrijmarkt’ in […]

3 Comments May 1st, 2009

• Fancy pants


I did this wrapping last week, I loved it so much I had to take a picture of it. Yesterday I made these fancy pants for the daughter of a friend. I like to create such girlie stuff, and I was looking for someone I could create it for. As the model wasn’t around during […]

4 Comments April 27th, 2009

• Crocheted hearts garland


I’m, almost there: the flowers are attached to the hearts, and the string is half way finished. Hopefully I can show you the completed garland this wednesday. I thought I could finish it today, but I found out that crocheting the string is more work than it looked like… I have already selected the next crochet […]

7 Comments March 22nd, 2009

• Vintage craft magazines and buttons


Last year I started to spread around that I love old sewing supplies, like buttons, fabrics and bands, and old craft magazines. And this week it was treasure week! My aunt has a friend who gave me her old magazines, and a friend of my mother cleaned up her mothers place and found a bucket […]

6 Comments January 21st, 2009

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