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• It was a crafty December

Ik probeer elk jaar eind december 2 weken vrij te plannen. Ik ga zuinig om met mijn vrije dagen of als het nodig is koop ik er een aantal extra. Want december is zo druk met verjaardagen en de feestdagen dat ik het echt heerlijk vind om die dagen lekker thuis te kunnen zijn en […]

No Comments January 8th, 2014

• Butterfly paper garland


Last night I was struck by some creative inspiration. I think you will recognize the urge to try it immediately. Back in December last year, Fifi Mandirac offered as an advent one PDF paper design each day. I printed them on plain paper and cut butterflies from it and sandwiched them with glue on a […]

1 Comment July 5th, 2010

• Duo project with my dad


Those stools are not an original design. I saw them on internet at Wood&Wool Stool and asked my dad if we could make those for our hallway… He made the stools and I did the crocheting and thrifting of the wood. I found the wood in a container in our street where they were rebuilding […]

6 Comments August 6th, 2009

• Packaging is everything


As a late birthday gift I got my own stamps from my sister. I was looking for a way how I could use them. I like the way how they look together stamped on the brown paper and tied by a scrap fabric piece.  Because the pimped skirt was a present, I wrapped it. I […]

1 Comment June 10th, 2009

• Fimo toadstools


Last night I created these fimo toadstools. I want to use them as embellishments on my zippered pouches and felt covered notebooks. One thing I learned for the next time… put in the sate stick from top to bottom instead of from bottom to top, to loose the frayed edges that are now showing on […]

10 Comments January 11th, 2009