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• The grey variant, just for myself :-)


What a busy week it was. I finally finished my book projects, I mailed them yesterday. I posted the magazines for the give away, sorry Tuija for the delay. On Wednesday I took care of my both nephews of 1 and 5 year old. It was really fun, I had to take the oldest one […]

2 Comments June 27th, 2010

• Organising is fun!


Sorry for being a bit absent lately. I told you about my crafting block earlier, it’s still there unfortunately. So today, on my day off from the office (I have that every Wednesday) I started organising the mess in the upstairs atelier, the living room and now my home office… And indeed it makes me […]

1 Comment June 2nd, 2010

• Chaos…


… and yes, a bit of chaos in my head too. So much to do, but nothing on a todo list or what-so-ever. I have no idea where my allergy for planning and structure comes from. I know I need it, I know it feels well when I have it, but it just seems to […]

14 Comments January 16th, 2010

• Snowy world in my home town


Today I was working from home, and during my lunch break walk I took these pictures. I love it when my neighborhood looks like this. It also keeps me in a kind of enjoying and relaxing mode, that might be a reason for not making my new years deadline with the shop….. That’s not quite […]

No Comments January 7th, 2010

• A bit more mobile :-)


Wow, thanks everyone for the helpful feedback! First of all I’m going to buy a new black ink pad, with good ink so indeed the text will be better visible. Then I will also try some of the suggested color combinations, and I will show you the process here on my blog, I will share what I have learned. […]

2 Comments June 4th, 2009

• I could use some feedback


Sometimes I think that everyone is crafting around the world, because of that endless amount of inspiring blogs. But in my daily reality, that’s not the case…. No one in my neighborhood I know is crafting in any way, so when I am in desperate need of any feedback, I have no one to show my project and discuss… […]

8 Comments June 1st, 2009

• I’m not that mobile right now


Last saturday I ruptured my achilles tendon during a tennis game. Yesterday I got surgery and now my leg has to stay in cast for 6 weeks. It was the first time I had to stay in the hospital and I was very afraid for the surgery and anaesthesia. But all the nice people of […]

13 Comments May 11th, 2009